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About Ebiz
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Jessica "JJ" Rabone&Yachiyo "Psyche" Hara, are the creative unit behind the Brand, EBIZ. Both artists, born and raised in Japan, they linked up in Hollywood California through their agencies to pursue their creative dreams as dancers and choreographers.
From traditional movement such as Ballet&Jazz, to the dynamic street styles of Locking, Breaking, and even House / Funk, EBIZ fuses all of their dance background and influence into their Dance&Choreography.
This Dynamic Choreography Duo have worked with some of the industries top Directors&Artists such as: Ryuhei Kitamura ( Godzilla Final Wars, Lupin III ). Choreographing Ryuhei's Artistic Music Videos for ELEW "Smells Like Teen Spirit"&"The Diary of Jane". And Platinum / Award Winning Artist T-Pain on the "Thr33 Ringz Tour." Their innovative moves&dedicated work ethic have landed them on some of the largest stages in the world, choreographing for iLuminate on ELLEN as well as performing with Finalists on America's Got Talent. They even appeared in Capezio's 125th Anniversary Production in NYC.
Dance is just the beginning for this incredibly creative / talented unit, They produce all their own videos and projects, while at the same time, collaborating on the fashion and atmosphere for all their creative projects together!
EBIZ believes strongly in their slogan and way of life, "Nutrition for Your Soul."
EBIZ(エビス)は、ダンサー/振付師である、Jessica "JJ" Rabone(ジェシカ)&Yachiyo "PSYCHE" Hara(サイキ)の二人で、アメリカ・ロサンゼルスで結成された、Dance Artist Unit。
日本から海外へと渡った二人は、同じエージェンシーに所属していたことをきっかけに出逢う。 Balletや、Jazzの繊細な動きから、LockingやBreakingのダイナミックなストリートスタイルまで、多種多様のジャンルを織り交ぜた二人のスタイルは独自の世界観を創り出す。
グラミー賞受賞アーティスト、T-PAINの世界ツアー。"ゴジラFINAL WARS"、"ルパン三世"などをてがけ、世界で活躍中の映画監督、北村龍平監督がてがけた、天才ピアニスト、"ELEW"のPV" にも出演、振付けも担当。
また、米大人気オーディション番組、"America's Got Talent"で3位に輝いた、Team iLuminateのダンサー/振付師として抜擢され、米人気番組、"THE ELLEN SHOW"や、NYで行われたCapezioの125周年記念式典に出演する。
EBIZのクリエーションのテーマは、「Nutrition for your soul」。

Jessica “JJ” Rabone

Jessica “JJ” Rabone
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Jessica was born and raised in Japan, and started her career in 2006 after obtaining an artist visa in USA. Her experience includes performing as a dancer for hugely popular artists Pink, Katy Perry, T-Pain, etc., dancing on the popular prime-time TV program "Dancing With The Stars", modeling for "Old Navy", "Ash&Diamonds", "Levi's Japan", "Capture", "Roxy", Quick Silver" and starring in commercials for "Target" and Disney World's new attraction "American Idol Experience". Her appearances in fashion shows for Adidas, Sketchers, MAC, and her involvement in TV, commercials and live performances show off her multi-talent in the entertainment industry.
As an original member of the dance team "iLuminate", a finalist on the primetime US audition show "America's Got Talent", she toured with the team throughout the US and around the world. Her creative choreography works include "Peugeot 208 X iLuminate" as well as TV commercials and artists' music videos.
In 2013, she was crowned the winner of the world's top street dance battle "JUSTE DEBOUT" held in the US. Being the first Japanese to represent the USA, which has been viewed on YouTube more than 2 million times. She then rocked the World Championships with her performance,
She's performed on Japanese popular TV programs, "Waratte Iitomo", "Mirai Theater" as well as "SMAP x SMAP" where she competed against legendary boys' band SMAP.
She now is the main model for sportswear brand Danskin, continuing to show off her talent.
Based in Los Angeles, she dances, models and choreographs both inside and outside the US.
Pink、Katy Perry、T-Painなど、数々のアーティストのバックダンサーをはじめ、アメリカの人気番組 "Dancing With The Stars"への出演や、カジュアルファッションブランド、"Old Navy"、"Ash&Diamonds"、
"Levi's Japan"、"Capture"、"Roxy"、 Quick Silver"や、アメリカの大型スーパー "Target"、ディズニーワールドの新しいアトラクション"American Idol Experience"のメインキャラターとしてCMに出演。
また、全米大人気オーディション番組、"America's Got Talent"で上位入りした、"TEAM iLuminate"のオリジナルメンバーとして全米/世界ツアー公演を果たす。
振付師としても、"Peugeot 208 X ILUMINATE"や、CM、アーティストの等幅広く振付けをする。
2013年には、世界最高峰と言われるストリートダンスバトル、"JUSTE DEBOUT"の米国大会で優勝。You Tubeの再生回数は200万回を超え、日本人女性初のアメリカ代表として世界大会に出場。

Yachiyo “PSYCHE” Hara

Yachiyo “PSYCHE” Hara
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Psyche was born and raised in Japan. She then moved to LA in 1999 to pursue her career. She successfully was picked up by an agent and started dancing professionally.
She has performed in many artists' music videos, and was chosen by Grammy Award-winning artist T-pain as one of his tour dancers. Wowed by her unique dance performances and her passion for them, artist T-pain himself hired her as main choreographer and dancer for his world tour and she travelled and performed in 80 cities around the world.
In 2012, she was chosen as choreographer for dance team "iLuminate", which finished third on the primetime US audition show "America's Got Talent", she also choreographed and performed with iLuminate on talk show "ELLEN." Her choreography and performance in "Peugeot 208 X iLuminate" was watched all around the world.
Using her multi-genre dance experience from classic ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Breaking, and experience in performing from street dance to theatre dance in LA, entertainment capital of the world, she's developed her own style of dance and choreography, showing off her sensibility and originality.
Psyche's creations show off her deep understanding of the music and well trained dynamic sensibility, which naturally leads to her fine-toned expressions. These traits are known and praised by everyone who she works with, and have given her opportunities to choreograph for a wide variety of performances from commercials, music videos, to theater shows and other events.
Now based in Japan, she choreographs and performs both in Japan and overseas, as well as putting effort into the development of Japanese artists with the hopes of making them into global entertainer.
2012年には、米大人気オーディション番組、"America's Got Talent"で、3位に輝いたTEAM iLuminateの振付師として抜擢。米人気番組、"ELLEN SHOW" にも振付け/ダンサーとして出演。"Peugeot 208 X iLuminate"は全世界に発信された。
クラシックバレエ、JAZZ、Hip Hop、ブレイクダンスなど、劇場舞踊からストリートダンスまで幅広いダンス経験を生かし、エンターテイメントの本場LAにて培われた感性による独自の振付けスタイルを確立する。
Psycheが生み出す振付作品は、研ぎ澄まされたダイナミックな感性と、音楽に込められたものを理解し、忠実に表現する繊細な分析力があると定評があり、CM, PV,シアターショー、イベントなど幅広い分野の振付けをする。

Look Book

Yachiyo "Psyche" Hara
"Jade 2015 Spring/Summer" Web CM
Yachiyo "Psyche" Hara
"Jade 2015 Spring/Summer" Look Book
Jessica "JJ" Rabone
"Alyson Stoner-Missy Elliott Tribune"
【 Choreography/振付け 】
Web CM
SUNSTAR Ora 2 ブレスファイン
Music Video振付け
Prizmmy 「I Just Wanna Be With You~ 仮想と真実の挟間で~」
Choreographer: Jessica
Assistant Choreographer: Psyche
FLJ magazine (2015.1.30 Issue)